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    • Ive never seen medium from these places. The only place Ive found medium was Johnson Garden Center in Wichita. I go down there from KC when I can just to get the medium.

  • Will someone know how to roast them correctly… last year was a mess. Half the skin wasnt roasted so on the next box it was mush.

    • Teach them. I had to show them how at Johnsons Garden Center in Wichita and then at Hen House on State. The Price Chopper on Roe does a really good job though. We’ve bought from them the past 4 or 5 years now.

  • Price Chopper on Roe is good, agree with Joe. The Price Chopper off HWY 10 on the way to Lawrence also does a good job. I was able to easily remove the char without losing any chile.

  • On roe? Im from denver we love our hatch new mex geen illies i was going to drive home again but trying to find good hatch chile

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