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  • Unity Church Hill Nursery at 3621 Church Hill Road in Church Hill Maryland has an abundance of Hatch Green Chili Peppers growing and is looking for a someone with a Chili Roaster or someone to come and hold a Chili Roasting event

    • I want only Hatch Chile from Hatch NM….is that where your chile originated from?? Thank you…its the best because of the desert weather.

  • What are the prices for the Hunt Valley, Maryland event? Also, is roasting available? Can’t wait to go. Already took the day off.

    • Here’s how the Bel Air Wegmans holds their annual Hatch Chile weekend:

      They’ll have roasters set up in the parking lot near the store, and samples either near the roasters, or by the entrance. That’s because they’re selling hatch chiles with several levels of heat – mild, medium, hot, and sometimes extra-hot. Heat varies year-to-year, so it’s best to check before you buy. (Last year the mediums were pretty mild, but the year before even the milds had a touch of heat)

      If you want to buy a box of roasted chile, let them know how much and the heat you want. You’ll pay inside and pick it up as you leave (they roast by order). (I think boxes are 30 lbs.) They will have smaller trays and fresh chile available for sale inside.

      They will also have a lot of prepared foods and samples available inside with hatch chiles. For example, stuffed chiles with crab, or with beef, hatch chile bialys (bagels) – and one year they even had a hatch chile and apple strudel. The hot bar will also have a lot of hatch recipes, and the cheese department will be selling cheeses and dips with hatch chiles.

  • Well, it’s not Pueblo Chile which is superior, but being out in MD where green chile isn’t a thing, this will have to do. Stoked because I only have one bag left in my freezer!

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