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      • I make stuff chili’s,salsa,enchiladas ,menus etc..
        I Spanish and from New Mexico grew up eating this chili I hang the to dry and roast peel and freeze alot get me though next season seeing I can’t get my family who is all in New Mexico to send me some.

  • Can’t wait!! Just finished my last bag. Glad to have part of my home state here in NY. But I really rather be in New Mexico!

    • I from Nelen, NM and glad not too be back there. Only thing I miss is all my family And my hatch green chili. I buy 8 cases to freeze and dry it barley gets me though the next year. Wish it was as cheap as it is there I nuy a freezer full and enough to hang too dry to last me a year. Best chili in the world. Thanks you wegmans!!! And for offering too roast them they smell so good roasting bring back good memories of family get togethers

    • I’m from NM too…I MISS my Hatch! Just moved to NY from SC…there it’s all about poblanos. I couldn’t make them understand there is a huge difference in taste! I’m so hoping there will be a chile roast in August at the Wegmans in Canandaigua!!! I use green chile on everything from scrambled eggs to pizza to pasta…I’ve been hoarding it in my freezer for fear of the day I run out! Thank you, Wegmans!!

    • Marge, I’m from NM and when I moved to SC I found ONE store in the entire state that sold Bueno frozen Hatch green chile. Now that I’m in NY, I’m hoping that one of the bigger Wegmans will have it. Please let me know if you find a place that has it frozen and ready to go. Thanks!

  • Thank GOD for Wegmans!! I am going to drive the 2 hours to Syracuse to get some roasted Hatch green chile!! I am from Albuquerque NM and the best part of fall is smelling the roasting green chile in the air, the state fair and balloon fiesta!! You can take the girl out of New Mexico but you can’t take the New Mexico out of the girl.

  • Moved to Rochester this year from Albuquerque. I am psyched to get some green chile that is not in a tiny can. I am filling up the freezer! Wegmans is a lifesaver! 🙂

  • Just drove from Oakville Canada to Amherst to pick up some roasted Hatch green chile. I’m so happy we were able to find it. I’m originally from Las Vegas New Mexico.

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