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  • Trader Joe’s tends to carry a Hatch Chile spicy salsa verde and occasionally frozen roasted green chile.

  • Hello everyone. I’m Jesse from Los Roast green chile company based here in Portland, OR. We bring and roast NM green chile from the hatch valley. All of our chiles are sourced directly from the Hatch Valley and are certified by the New Mexico Dept of Agriculture, New Mexico Chile Association, and the New Mexico Certified Program. Our varieties include AZ-1904 (Medium-Hot),Big Jim (Medium), Sandia (Hot), Lumbre (XX-Hot). We roast by the bushel and half bushel. We also supply chile to Town and Country grocery markets who will be having roasting events this year. Keep an eye out for their advertisements. If you have a store or market you would like to find NM green chile, please let me know and I will work with their produce buyer to supply them chile. It’s that time of the year to enjoy the best chile in the world!

    • I would love to see some at Tacoma Boys in Puyallup. They sell a lot of other chile products from New Mexico except green chile.

    • Jesse your company has been a lifesaver for me!!!!!! I get it at Marketime in Fremont or the Met Market in Queen Anne my mom is from Santa Fe and I used to take an extra suitcase to stock up 🙂

    • Thanks Jessie! I grew up in Albuquerque, my wife in El Paso, each year we find some, but it seems to be difficult to get large batches. Anywhere near Bonney Lake, Sumner or Puyallup would be great. Thanks! Might be worth a road trip to Portland for sure.

    • Hello-
      Please hook us fellow New Mexicans up pleeeeeeze… maybe some chicos or posole and frijoles too!!! I can make the tortillas and sopapillas myself Thanks!!!

  • Jesse, since you’re going all the way to Shoreline & Seattle, why don’t you find a location or two around Tacoma? In years past we had Top Foods (Haagens) that would roast as well as some of the Albertson’s.

  • We bought a sack last year at the Central Market in Poulsbo WA. I heard they’ll be roasting chile again around the middle of August.

  • I am from Denver and know my green chili’s from types to roasting techniques and in looking up the places to get a true green chili breakfast burrito there is not a place not one in sea wa to get a real breakfast burrito. Green chili. Sad check out denver ?? I do make my own 2dozen and freeze them

    • I’m also from Denver. Born and raised, now living just south of Seattle.
      Haggen’s carries legit Hatch green chiles. We buy their 25lb boxes, 2016 they were $28, $30 for the X-Hot, which they special ordered for us. A 25lb box fresh, is very close to a bushel roasted.
      We’ve gotten ours from the Haggen’s in Lakeland Hills the past 2 years and haven’t been disappointed

  • Last year, Chuck’s produce in Vancouver had Hatch Chiles, they were roasting them right at the stores. Watch for their ads.

  • Whole Food will also roast certified Hatch Green Chile is August and most locations in Seattle and greater Seattle. Look for the #nmtrue logo to be sure you are getting the real stuff (;

  • Last year the Fred Meyer on River Rd. in Puyallup was roasting Young Guns chile from Hatch. They couldn’t believe I wanted 20lbs, well it was on sale for $0.99/lb (which is cheaper than you can buy it in Albuquerque!). I ended up showing them hot to run their roaster and bought everything they had left. Hoping they’re going to roast again this year.

    • Have they roasted any chillies this year? I live in Fife area and that would definitely be the closest for me to go to.

    • are you sure on your dates? We live in Edmonds and we are Colorado natives..This is our familys business and if we can’t drive back in Aug or Sept i”m sol…I refuse to make homemade green chile from a can!!! I”ve been calling whole foods, alderwood blvd and they told me their shipment was late and would not confirm roasting depending on the amount they would receive…I just want my chiles..I could roast them myself..2 to 3 day but not as perfect..soo happy someone out there understands!!

  • In Spokane they are at Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Yokes and Winco. We buy at least 100 lbs, then roast and freeze to have yr round. We are from Albuquerque.❤️

    • Haggen’s at Lake Taps. They are trying to get their license to roast this coming Thursday thru Satudayy. They also have other stores. Enjoy!

  • Has anyone found Hatch green chilies and a roaster in Seattle? I desperately need to get my chili to freeze for the year.

    • The leads I have are Haggen’s in Marysville Sep 1-4 and Whole Foods Roosevelt Square where you can get a batch roasted for pick up.

  • I drove 16 hrs to Hatch New Mexico chili festival. Purchased fresh roasted ‘hot’ and Lumbre ‘X-Hot’ chili. Got home with excitement only to have 40lbs of chili with no heat what so ever. Not sure what happened there, but chili with out heat gives me absolutely no satisfaction. So, here I am pondering on whether to throw it all out.. So dissappointment I could cry.

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